Our Property Owner Services

As an expert property management team at Bayleys Real Estate, we pride ourselves in being able to offer an all-inclusive service to all landlords. It doesn’t matter whether you have one investment property or a portfolio, we aim to maximise your investment.


Advertising and Marketing of Your Property

When the time comes to advertise and market your property for a new tenant or tenants, you can rely on our experienced property management team to get the job done. We have a uniquely Southland brand – one that appears strongly in the Invercargill and Southland market.

As a result, we believe we can attract the right tenants promptly. Our distinctive colours stand out from the crowd, as do our print and internet advertising that puts your property front and centre. Let’s talk more about how to attract the right tenants at the right price.

Benefit from:

  • A dedicated rental and property management team
  • Wall cards in our office highlighting your property
  • Vacancy lists to hand out
  • Website presence
  • Accredited property managers
  • Experienced and friendly administrators


How Do We Select the Right Tenant(s) For You?

People are always looking for houses to rent in Invercargill, so we can almost guarantee the right tenant is out there for you. However, we don’t settle for less than the best and want to make sure we choose the right family or individual who is going to treat your property with respect. To do so, we put strict criteria in place.

We offer:

  • Detailed tenancy application forms
  • Comprehensive reference checks
  • Tenancy Tribunal checks
  • Credit checks
  • Detailed screening

We don’t rent out properties on a “first in, first served” basis, but rather by who is most suitable.


Once we find that right tenant, we then offer:

  • Bond collection
  • Prompt landlord payments
  • Routine inspections and reports
  • Legislative requirements
  • Any necessary mediation and/or tribunal representation
  • Rates & insurance payments
  • Repairs and maintenance by tried and true tradespeople


Rental Payments and Collection

All income and expenses relating to your properties are recorded in our advanced and dedicated computer system. At the beginning and the middle of each month, we pay our landlords and provide them with a detailed monthly statement. This includes all transactions, expenses, and the status of rent. We also hold all rent payments in an Audited Trust account and use a comprehensive accounting system.

In the case of missed rent, we take immediate action. We monitor rent payments daily and send out a reminder of the tenant’s obligation immediately via text or phone call. If still unpaid after three days a 14 day notice is sent followed by an application to the Tenancy Tribunal if not remedied. Our rent arrears are very low as a consequence.


Property Maintenance and Repairs

We pride ourselves on having an open line of communication with our tenants, ensuring they can contact us at any time regarding the need for maintenance and repairs. We also carry out regular inspections, communicating any issues to the landlord. If we document maintenance and repairs are necessary, we carry out this work on your behalf with your approval. In the case of emergencies, we use our discretion to remedy a situation that may prove dangerous to tenants or property.


Tenancy Agreement Renewals

Your rental return is important to us, which is why we go the extra mile to find the best tenant for your property. We then review your property’s rent, inspect the property, and will let you know immediately if a tenant chooses not to continue with their tenancy. In the case of an ended agreement, we then work quickly to find another suitable tenant to minimise the disruption to your rental returns.


Property Inspections

When we advertise properties for rent in Invercargill, we carry out a pre-tenancy property inspection. During this inspection, we take photos, notes, and outline any wear and tear. Once a tenant moves into the property, we carry out inspections every three months. These inspections give us the opportunity to talk to tenants about any concerns they are having, as well as provide you with an update. Our property management team will put together a detailed report regularly to ensure you can keep your property at its best earning potential.

At the end of the tenancy, we then carry out a final inspection, comparing the property’s condition from beginning to end and taking into account wear and tear.


Are You Ready to Join Us?

Contact the friendly Bayleys property management team if you're looking for a house to rent in Invercargill. Could you be their new landlord? If you have any questions or would like to know more about our hassle-free approach to property management, then get in touch. We look forward to managing your property or properties on your behalf.